Dancing With the Stars: Can Nyle DiMarco Win Season 22?

Update: Yes. Yes, he can. Okay, well … that’s all you really need to read anymore. Thanks for stopping by!

Hi. My name is Beth, and I really need for Nyle DiMarco to win season 22 of Dancing With the Stars.

Yes, Dancing With the Stars. I’m generally not a huge fan of reality TV. Most of it really bothers me. (Like, to the extent that I go on long rants about The Bachelor and how harmful it’s influence is our society and culture.)

But I’ve been watching DWTS on and off for the past eight years. The show is incredibly hit-or-miss: some seasons are fantastic and fun, others are lackluster and dull. But after seeing the premiere, I likely will be watching season 22 — mostly for one reason.

His name is Nyle DiMarco.

Nyle on Twitter

Nyle recently won the final season of America’s Next Top Model, a reality TV show that is — well, is just so beautiful, cheesy, campy, glittery, and completely ridiculous — that you somehow keep watching. No matter how awful it might get.

I also have an emotional attachment to ANTM, because I host/former supermodel Tyra Banks made a name for herself by championing self-esteem and body positivity. And at age 13, I thought she was an awesome role model.

Tyra’s brand is all about giving everyone a chance to be beautiful — even aspiring models who are considered too large, too short, or otherwise don’t fit the bill of a stereotypical model.

Nyle — the final winner of Top Model — is deaf. He’s also gorgeous. Friendly, sweet, hard-working, a talented model… and yeah, it just so happens that he can’t hear anything.

You’d think that for a dancing competition, not being able to hear the music might be an obstacle. But Nyle nailed his opening night dance — right now, he’s in a three-way tie for first place.

He’ll definitely be my favorite to watch this season, though fellow front runner Wayna Morris of Boyz II Men is a close second. He’s hilarious, fantastic to watch, and his dancing is top notch. (Confession: I’ve heard of Boyz II Men, but I could not name a single on of their songs. My ’80s and ’90 pop culture knowledge is embarrassingly limited. And yes, I have been mocked mercilessly for this, thanks.)

Jodie Sweetin from Full House and Fuller House isn’t at the top of the pack, but she should be fun to watch.

Marla Maples seems kind, elegant, and classy … but I wish we could hear anything about her without someone mentioning her ex, Donald Trump, every five seconds.

Sadly, two of my favorite dance pros are both gone this season: Derek Hough and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, and it won’t be the same without them (and their respective antics).

But even though Maks isn’t on the show anymore, he’s engaged to Nyle’s dance partner, Peta Murgatroyd. So he’ll have to stop by and visit at some point…right?



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