The Flash’s “Put a Little Love In Your Heart” with Cisco and Winn: In-Depth Rewatch

On March 21, CW’s The Flash aired its musical episode … a crossover with sister show Supergirl that’s been getting a bit of media buzz. If you ask iTunes, Barry’s (Grant Gustin) sweet serenade to Iris (Candice Patton) with “Coming Home to You” was the most popular song of the night. But I can’t stop listening to the show’s rendition of “Put a Little Love in Your Heart.”


Darren Criss (Music Meister)

Best Known As: That one really attractive guy from Fox’s musical comedy Glee.

Why He’s There: Talented performer. Was immensely popular on Glee. Pretty much everyone thinks he’s really attractive. (Also, he’s starred in two Broadway productions.)

Music Style: Fun, pop-infused, full of personality, swoon-worthy.

See: The Glee cover of “Teenage Dream” that skyrocketed him to stardom.

Jeremy Jordan (Winn Schott)

Best Known As: Originator of the starring role of Jack Kelly in Broadway’s Newsies. Has starred in numerous Broadway productions.

Why He’s There: Winn is Supergirl‘s tech wiz best friend, and this episode doubles as a Supergirl crossover. Also, have you heard him sing?

Music style: Talented Broadway vet with an incredible vocal range.

See: This performance. Or basically any time he opens his mouth and notes come out.

Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon/Vibe)

Best Known As: Cisco, The Flash‘s tech wiz best friend who is also a metahuman with the ability to travel throughout the multiverse.

Why He’s There: Carlos is one of a couple Flash actors with a singing background. He’s a musician and songwriter, and has performed on Broadway.

Music style: Both musical theater and mainstream.

See: His new single, “Open Your Eyes.”

John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn)

Best Known As: Thea’s biological father on Arrow, former head of the League of Assassins.

Why He’s There: Arrow is part of the CW superhero family, and he’s probably the Arrow actor with the most Broadway history. Born in Scotland, he’s performed both on Broadway and in London’s West End.

Music style: Broadway.

See: When he sang “A Thousand Years” at a fan convention.

Present, but not singing:
Grant Gustin (The Flash): previously best known as Sebastian on Glee

Melissa Benoist (Supergirl): previously best known as Marley on Glee

0:01 — With great flair and showmanship, Darren’s Music Meister is trying to convince Barry/The Flash and Kara/Supergirl to sing. They’re not having any of it. “Think of your fellow man. Lend him a helping hand. Put a little love in your heart…”

0:11 — Jeremy’s Winn is playing at the piano. “You see it’s getting late. Oh, please don’t hesitate.” 

0:19 — Carlos’ Cisco enters, dressed in a suit, holding a glass of champagne, and wheeled in on a cart by sharply-dressed waiters as he sings. “And the world will be a better place. And the world will be a better place. For you…”

0:29 — Cisco walks over to Winn, who chimes in “… and me.” Cisco singing with Winn at the piano, “you just wait…” Winn, “and see…”

0:36 — John’s Malcolm is singing now. “If you want the world to know, we won’t let hatred grow. Put a little love in your heart.” With the Cisco, Winn, Barry, and Kara all about the same age, having the father of another character their age suddenly show up in their musical number — 36 seconds in — feels a bit out of place.

He’s wearing an amazing white tux, though, complete with a bow tie. I imagine the conversation with The Flash‘s team going something like:

Darren: Man, I haven’t sung and danced on TV since Glee ended a couple years ago.

Show: And everybody loved you! You were a rock star. Let’s do the exact same thing here — you’ll sing, you’ll dance, you’ll be charming, everyone will swoon. It will be amazing.

Darren: Sure, yeah. Naw, man I love performing, that sounds great. Any chance I can bring a bit of humor and goofiness to it, too? I’d love to add that element to it.

Show: Sure. Yep, goofy is totally fine. Love your personality. Okay, so we’ll get your hair gelled exactly like Blaine’s on Glee

Darren: Hey, so no big deal or anything, but I got a little tired of having my head dunked in a giant vat of hair gel every day. Any chance we could work with my curly hair instead of plastering it all down with gel?

Show: Sure! That sounds great! Curls can be totally attractive, too. Mind if we still gel half of it, though? That way, we can appeal to the people who love your hair gelled AND to the people who love your hair curly.

Darren: Uh … sure?

Show: Great! You’re incredible. Oh, and we found the most amazing bow tie for you to wear. Your Glee character looked iconic in bow ties. Everyone will be swooning.

Darren: Hey, so I wore bow-ties pretty much every day of my life on Glee. I get that they’re a fit for the character. But after five years of that, I’d love to branch out a little. Are there any other looks that might work?


Darren: I mean, no worries. Whatever you think is best.

John: I’ll wear the bow tie! Guys, I am so stoked we’re doing a musical episode.

Show: That’s great. Our murder-y villain who runs an elite assassin group wearing a bow tie. Totally sells the whole alternate reality thing.

John: Great, because I…

Show: LOOK, DARREN — WE FOUND YOU THIS PAISLEY TIE! THIS IS PERFECT. It’s totally dapper and also very much not a bow-tie.

Darren: Sweet, thanks man. You’re the best.

John: Can I have the white suit, too?

Show: Go for it. Now Darren, about your choreography and dance moves. How do you feel about something exactly like how you danced during those Glee performances? People will love that.

Darren: Yeah, man, that sounds awesome. Just give me a second to strap on my ole’ dancing shoes…

Show: They’re over there on the chair. The blindingly shiny ones. See them? OH, AND WE JUST FOUND SUSPENDERS. Remember how great Blaine looked in suspenders? You have to wear the suspenders!


0:43 — Music Meister jumps down off a stage behind Kara and Barry. Kara shrieks in shock. “And the world will be a better place. And the world will be a better place.” Music Meister takes his place at the front of a dance formation, with Cisco and Malcom behind him, flanked by other backup dancers. He begins a classic Blaine from Glee-style pop star dance performance. (Choreography by Zack Woodlee! One of the main choreographers on Glee!)

0:50 — “For you…” Music Meister is very smooth and charming, and he has great dance moves. Pause for a couple seconds of audience swooning. Also, how dapper are his suspenders?

0:52 —“And me.” Pan back over to Winn on piano, who for all his expertise dancing on Broadway has managed to be the only performer in this entire number who’s not actually dancing.

0:55 — Malcolm, “You just wait.” Cisco slides down the stage dramatically. “And see..”

0:59 — Winn, displaying quite effortlessly that he is the most talent singer of the group. (And in the company he’s keeping, that’s saying something.) “You’d better take a good look around. Oh, if you’re looking down. Put a little love in your heart.”

1:06 — Cisco, dancing, “And the world will be a better place. And the world will be a better place.” (Vocal displays in the vein of: Okay, Jordan. We get it. You’re good. I’ve been on Broadway too, you know.)

1:10 — Malcom, “Oh the world will be a better place. For you…” (In the vein of: Guys, I’ve been on Broadway, too, okay? And I’ve performed in the West End.)  Everyone “and me…”

1:17 — Music Meister spins midstage and snaps his suspenders charmingly. Insert a second for audience to swoon. Everyone “You just wait… and see…”

1:23 — Music Meister is back centerstage and doing his pop star choreography. You can tell it’s him by his oversized paisley tie. Everyone else is wearing bow ties.

Finally caught up in the action, Barry mimics him by trying his own cheesy pop star move and dancing along. Cut to Music Meister showing off more pop star choreography.

1:27 — Cut to Winn, who still hasn’t moved from the piano, but whose vocals are still putting everyone else to shame. “Put a little love in your heart.” Chorus of other performers sing “put a little love in your heart” as they dance. Oh, Woodlee. I miss your work.

1:38 — Everyone, “C’mon and put a little love in your … heart …” Kara and Barry watch, jaws dropping. Background dancer twirls partner in a dress. Dancers spin, scatter, and vanish offstage.

Kara and Barry are left alone in a suddenly empty room. Music fades.

End scene.


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